*Ensure Hb Remains Responsive to Resident’s Needs

*Update Obsolete Revenue Sources

*Ask Tough Questions


*Improve Our Cycling and Pedestrian Infrastructure

*Continue Focus on Traffic and Parking Concerns

*Access FOR ALL

*Resource Police & Public Works


*Outdoor Experience

*Public Spaces

*Outdoor Dining, Music, Beach and Park Events

*Citywide Beautification

While Cycling is Great…

Bicyclists are required to halt at stop signs and obey other traffic laws.

Hb is not waiting for another child to be injured and is taking actions to keep cyclists and pedestrians safe. Our HBPD is working with our school district to educate students on bike safety and continues citing reckless cyclists.

Let’s not wait for another dog attack!

Our HBPD is enforcing our pet rules.

We don’t want this repeated.

Safe and clean ocean water for our swimmers and surfers is a priority

The Herondo Drain outfill is the largest storm drain in the South Bay. As part of the Board Riders Rapid Stormwater Cleanup Crew, I’ve seen firsthand the trash and sludge that’s washed into our ocean. It’s a disgusting river of filth and the high bacteria levels forces beach closures.  

Bravo to the City and to our businesses for making the outdoor experience a reality. We must continue supporting our businesses by maintaining our expanded outdoor dining, music, and shopping. 

City Hall and city services should be accessible Monday through Friday to improve City responsiveness and scheduling options should be considered.


Our Greenbelt Park is an “environmental jewel of the Beach Cities” and everyone should be able to experience the joy and the beauty that it offers.  

NO one wants to “pave over the Greenbelt”.

I fully support the City’s pilot program to replace wood chips – on a segment of the path – with decomposed granite (DG), a natural path that’s currently in South Park and many of our National Parks, to improve Access For All.

Motorized vehicles should remain prohibited from the Greenbelt.

Bicycles are already permitted on the Greenbelt, and creating a short natural path will not invite additional bicycles or skateboards.