*U.S. Congressman – Ted Lieu

*Los Angeles County Firefighters, Local 1014

*Hermosa Beach Mayor – Mike Detoy

*Hermosa Beach Councilmember – Stacey Armato

*Hermosa Beach City School District Board of Education – Stephen McCall

*Redondo Beach Mayor – Bill Brand

*Redondo Beach Councilmember – Zein Obagi

*California State Senator – Ben Allen 

*Hermosa Beach Councilmember – Justin Massey

*Hermosa Beach City School District Board of Education – President Maggie Bove-LaMonica

*Lomita Councilmember – Mark Waronek

*Redondo Beach Mayor Pro Tem – Nils Nehreheim

*West Basin Water District Director – Scott Houston

*California State Assemblymember – Al Muratsuchi

*Hermosa Beach Councilmember – Mary Campbell

*Hermosa Beach City School District Board of Education – Jennifer Cole

*Manhattan Beach Councilmember – Richard Montgomery

*Redondo Beach Councilmember – Todd Lowenstein

“The first thing that comes to mind with Ray is that the guy gets it, at all levels. Ray talks with his actions because he genuinely cares about people and their struggles. He listens. If you want things to get done in the beautiful city of Hermosa Beach I really can not think of anybody better than my friend Ray Jackson. He has the unique ability to bring people together, to connect, which I have witnessed for several years in different events and settings and with all sorts of people from different kinds of backgrounds. Always thinking what to do for the kids, for the families, volunteering time for different organizations, just involved. You can’t know the issues of a city if you are not an active part of that city and Ray has the pulse of Hb better than anybody else I know. He will not sell his principles for the benefit of a few. If you give him the honor to serve you in the city council you will not regret it.”

Francisco J. Pinto, Sports anchor

“On behalf of the Executive Board and over 3,200 members of the Los Angeles County Fire Fighters Local 1014, I am pleased to convey our endorsement for your May 11, 2021, Hermosa Beach City Council candidacy.”

David GilLotte, president

“Ray Jackson has a passion for serving his community as well as his county. In his prior service as a colonel in the US Army, Ray has demonstrated a natural ability to collaborate and lead. Ray is someone residents can trust to be a thoughtful Council member that will hit the ground running. I look forward to working together with Mr. Jackson on important issues that affect our beach cities in the months ahead!”

Richard Montgomery, Council Member/City of Manhattan Beach

“After speaking with Ray, it is clear that his real world experience is what we need on the city council. It’s a “broad” statement to say that as hard as our council and city staff work, there is always room for improvement in being responsive to the needs of its citizens. I want to feel confident that we elect someone who is making intelligent decisions every other Tuesday night.

Steve & Susan Izant

“When I met Ray several years ago, he was another volunteer to coach his son’s soccer team.  I quickly learned how invaluable a volunteer Ray was.  Even though he was coaching both sons soccer teams as well as their football teams, he never once slacked off, complained or showed up without a smile on his face.  Every volunteer organization has issues that need resolving – often times these issues can be incredibly difficult to find solutions.  Anytime Ray came across an issue, he would come with solutions.  He would not just call me to complain – he would call me and tell me the problem and say “here is an idea to fix it.  What do you think?”  This is exactly the type of person I want on our city council.  I don’t expect anyone to have all the answers.  What I expect is someone to think about the problem and work to try and find resolution.  Sometimes these ideas work and sometimes they do not.  You will never get 100% agreement in anything – but if I know Ray, he will research the problem, talk it over with anyone/everyone who wants to, and he will work to find a solution.  Ray is very thoughtful in how he approaches problems/solutions.  This is why I trust and support Ray Jackson for City Council.

Molly Jolls, AYSO Commissioner

“Ray Jackson is phenomenal. I worked closely with Ray in the Department of Defense working on Department-wide legislative priorities from 2012-2015. During that time Ray was not only a veritable expert on legislative actions, a true Army professional, and an inspired leader, he was also a mentor and friend. Steadfast, empathetic and caring, Ray helped me find strength and some peace throughout my sister-in-law’s battle with cancer. When I found out Ray was running for office, I was thrilled for him and more importantly for the city of Hermosa Beach. A man of action, honor, and with grounded family/community values, Ray will be the kind of person any city would benefit from having in leadership. Vote for Ray”

Colonel andrea Miller, USAF (retired)

“I’m very proud to count Ray Jackson as my friend. I have known him for decades. Before I met him, I knew him by reputation in the Army’s Judge Advocate General’s Corps, the Army’s very elite cadre of military lawyers. Ray was reputed as one of the very finest officers in the Corps, an officer of tremendous potential who wielded a combination of great intellect, tremendous natural energy, electrifying humor, and a genuine desire to always do the right thing. We once shared a tour and I grew to know him on a close personal basis, and can validate all of these wonderful traits, plus unyielding integrity and the ability to get even the near impossible things done, and done perfectly! You are very fortunate to have a man of Ray’s quality run for your council, he loves a challenge and will not rest until he has done his very best! I give him my unqualified and very highest endorsement, something I don’t do often or take lightly!”

Colonel (Retired) Rich Whitaker, US Army Retired

“I have been honored to know Ray and Rachel Jackson and their beautiful family for 8 years. Ray is a genuine and thoughtful leader who has committed his life to service and implementing positive change. He has a strong moral compass and makes an effort to really get to know and understand people. As a council-member, Ray will use this strength to make decisions that support the needs of the community. I strongly endorse Ray Jackson for Hermosa Beach City Council.”

Farnaz Golshani Flechner, Environmental Charter Schools & previously Manhattan Beach Education Foundation

“Ray Jackson deserves your vote for so many reasons. First, Ray has genuinely earned the privilege of representing you. I have known Ray since we were new Army Judge Advocates (legal officers) attending our 10 week Judge Advocate training in 1992. Since then we have remained close friends. Ray’s personal and professional background provide the foundation for insightful, compassionate, and mission focused representation. Ray understands the myriad of challenges that government at every level must effectively confront, and if there can be no doubt about Ray’s willingness to face challenges head on, no matter how demanding. Ray is also compassionate who had a reputation within the JAG institution as a genuinely decent person who would always look to how he could make others better. It is no exaggeration to say that there were only two types of people in the Army JAG Corps: those who loved Ray, and those who didn’t know him. It was that simple. Since his retirement from the Army he has become a devoted citizen of Hermosa Beach, planting the roots of permanence for him and his beautiful family. And with Ray you get the added benefit of his remarkably gifted, thoughtful, and civically devoted wife Professor Rachel VanLandingham. While I don’t know Ray’s challengers, I can candidly say that I simply cannot imagine anyone better qualified for this position and deserving of your vote.

Geoffrey S. Corn, South Texas College of Law Houston

“I’ve only met a handful of people who are born leaders. Ray Jackson is one of them. Ray and I have been friends since we served in the Army together from 1992-1993. Ray understands that real leaders lead by example. For instance, in 1993, Ray began volunteering at an evening mentorship program for underprivileged kids. After a few weeks, a mutual friend and I followed Ray’s lead and began volunteering there as well.
Everything Ray does, he does with an infectious and boundless energy. He has a great sense of humor and a moral compass that’s always pointed in the direction of integrity and doing the right thing.
Vote Ray Jackson!”

John Lynch

“When I first heard that Ray Jackson was running for City Council, I thought, totally makes sense. What I know of Ray is – an engaged Dad, lifelong public servant and good human. I am sure the community will benefit from his strong moral character, personable nature and I am glad to see his continuation of public service!”

Martin W. Ratcliff, Firefighter Paramedic & U.S. Coast Guard Retired

“I have known Ray for 40 years. Ray and I were were enlisted in the U.S Army and stationed together in Stuttgart West Germany. Ray was an Infantry Medic, and I was a Dental Technician. We were, also, roommates for the two years that I was there. Ray loved life, helping the patients and being an inspiration to everyone that he met. Ray has an innate ability (perhaps inspired by his Pop) to make everyone feel that they are important and their feelings matter! He was nominated for Soldier of the Year and placed second for the entire European Command…… What an accomplishment! He was nominated because of his exemplary attention to detail and his genuine care and concern for his fellow soldiers. He was loved by everyone at the clinic. Upon his departure from Germany, Ray was given a letter of recommendation to submit with his applications to Medical School. He ended up going to Law School and and serving his country another 20 years in the Jag Corps. I am endorsing Raymond Jackson because I have known him to be an honorable man, husband, father, friend and the most inspirational person that I have ever met! Ray would be a great addition to the Hermosa Beach City Council.”

Dr. Richard Long

“As fellow Hermosa Beach residents, we have known Ray Jackson and his family since our oldest child started kindergarten years ago. Ray has always shown exceptional enthusiasm and camaraderie, as he volunteered with our local community through our schools and youth sports. He has pushed our local leadership to pursue common sense solutions, including outdoor dining. But most of all, Ray has shined a light on all of us Hermosa Beach residents on the type of impact we can make in our community if we can combine passion with energy as he has. We support Ray Jackson for City Council and look forward to seeing our city thrive!”

Cathy Hwang MD, Pediatrics & Moin Salah MD, Sports Medicine

“I had the pleasure of meeting Raymond Jackson in law school and becoming life long friends with him. Raymond has a special way of bringing his positive light to anyone he comes in contact with. He always seems to make those around him better. After so many years of serving his country and then his family, I am happy to see him extend that service to his local community. I just know that Hermosa Beach will be better if it allows Raymond to serve on its city council. I am just jealous that he is not back here in Florida looking to serve my local community and cheering on our Florida Gators in person.”

Sean McDonough, Wilson Elser

“The world needs more Ray Jackson’s in it. Smart, passionate, honest and engaged. I couldn’t draw up a better representative for Hermosa Beach than Ray Jackson. He’s the perfect candidate for the perfect City of Hermosa Beach.”

Casey Cosgrove

“I have known Ray Jackson since attending UF Law School together. Ray has always had a passion for living an honorable life, doing the right thing and being of service to his country (and cheering on the Gators of course!). He is an excellent communicator with well honed analytical skills and – bonus – he absolutely loves people. He has, quite literally, traveled the world during his military career, and would bring a panoramic set of views and experiences to his position on council. I can think of no one more qualified than Ray Jackson to serve the people of Hermosa Beach and help them resolve the issues of the day in their beautiful community. Ray was simply born for this moment and this job. Elect Ray Jackson! You will be so glad you did.”

Lori Gaglione, Law Offices of Lori Gaglione

“I have known Ray for 42 years. Ray and I severed as two enlisted combat medics in the U.S Army and stationed together in Baumholder Germany and Stuttgart West Germany. We worked together in the same company and the same medical clinic for over four years. Ray’s unique ability to lead has been on display from early adulthood to now. He’s a hard worker, great listener, honest but most identifiable qualities are his loves for country, family, and devotion to public service. Ray treats everyone with dignity and respects and makes everyone feel that they are important. He served his country for 20+ years in the Jag Corps providing excellent counsel and leadership to his clients. I am endorsing Ray because there is no doubt, he will serve the interests of the people of Hermosa Beach with that same dedication, passion and integrity.”

William E. Langston, Army Medical Command Ombudsman, USA Command Sergeant Major(Retired)

“I have known the Jackson family for many years. Ray is smart, genuine, and willing to listen to all sides of an issue. He has devoted his life to public service (military, coaching, volunteering in schools) and he loves Hermosa. I know that he will serve on city council with passion and integrity.”


“I served in the U.S. Army with Ray Jackson, he is one of the hardest working, intelligent and ethical people I was fortunate to work with. From the Commanding General to the the janitor, Ray treated all with dignity and respect. I know he is passionate about his country, community and family. There is no doubt he will serve the interests of the people of Hermosa Beach with that same passion and dedication.”

Michael O’Connor, Webster Bank

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