RE-ELECT Ray Jackson

for Hermosa Beach City Council!


Last Spring, RAY JACKSON (https://rayforhermosa.com/) came in first of 5 candidates in a special election to fill a vacant seat on the Hermosa Beach City Council. Ray, now the Mayor Pro Tem, seeks re-election for a full term. He is the only sitting councilmember to do so this time around. Ray is aptly named – he’s truly a ray of light when it comes to public service.

Ray served in the military for over 28 years, beginning as a private and retiring as a colonel. Ray and his wife, Rachel, herself a retired lieutenant colonel in the U.S. Air Force, exemplify our military’s core values: Duty, Respect, Honor, Integrity, Personal Courage.

These are not empty words for Ray and Rachel.

Following Ray’s retirement in 2015, the Jacksons settled into Hermosa as their hometown, with Ray turning to a new responsibility: raising his two young boys, and mentoring the next generation of Hermosans. Ray volunteers in Hermosa schools, and coaches AYSO soccer, youth basketball and youth flag football.

Ray has been the best of the best on the City Council, and he brings out the best in others. He listens to the community, and interacts professionally with city staff. Ray works well with his Council colleagues, but is willing to question and to differ. Still, they respect his focus on what’s good for the City’s residents and businesses. They each have endorsed him.

So too have Congressman Ted Lieu, State Senator Ben Allen and Assemblymember Al Muratsuchi. This is so even though Ray, befitting the military’s hallowed tradition of nonpartisanship, is registered as NPP (no party preference).

Many candidates simplistically call for “change,” but are remiss with the follow-through: What kind of change? How fast and how fact-based? Will it move Hermosa forward in a positive direction, and can it be sustained?

Ray is precisely the type of consensus-builder that our beach community needs. There are many voices of discord and of toxicity. Ray’s voice is not among them.

Ray has said it best: “I don’t put the blame on anybody; I put the solution on everybody. It takes a collaborative effort.”

By Bob Wolfe

Questions? Email Ray at rayforhermosa@gmail.com or call at (813) 362-8056.




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Election Day – November 8th!

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